Ascending Railing

This railing rose up out of the deck for a scene, the descended back into the floor for the rest of the show. It was supported by a custom-built scissor lift, and powered by a pneumatic cylinder.


Large tapered columns of foam, column bases of wood and MDF, doors that opened remotely via pneumatic cylinders hidden in the deck.
Designed by James Kronzer.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray, designed by James Kronzer, directed by Blake Robison.  This show was staged on a double revolve turntable: a 18-foot-diameter inner turntables surrounded by a 6-foot-wide (30-foot-diameter) donut turntable.  The inner three columns shown above were mounted to the inner revolve, and the outer two columns were mounted on the outer …



This volcano, built for a client’s luau party, is constructed of spray foam on a wood frame. The interior is lit with PARs and red gel, and the top allows fog or haze to escape.